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Play Miniclip Heli Attack 3 for free (Cheats Below)

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Live Shoutbox   |   Share Miniclip Heli Attack 3 with a friend!
Miniclip Heli Attack 3
Your Objective: The Controls:
Destroy all enemy units to progress through snow, jungle, canyon lands and lab levels...featuring over 30 weapons. A to move LEFT, D to move RIGHT, W and S to JUMP AND CROUCH.
Change weapons with the MOUSEWHEEL. To DEFINE YOUR OWN KEYS select OPTIONS from the Main Menu.
Miniclip Heli Attack 3

You are Player No. 137309
Most Played Games:
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 Miniclip Heli Attack 3 137309x
 Miniclip Canyon Defense 125650x
 Miniclip Bubble Trouble 124333x
 Learn To Fly 120607x
 Dino Run 120140x
 Dune Buggy 120084x
 Super Smash Flash 96350x
You Tube Cheat Videos for Miniclip Heli Attack 3 (Click image to watch)

Have a comment or a cheat for Miniclip Heli Attack 3?

Help us gather comments and cheats for this fun game. Just post your ideas to this page and if they are good, we will put them here for everyone to read!   (Are there any cheats for Miniclip Heli Attack 3 out there??)      Post your ideas now!
Thanks for playing on our games site!
Here are the cheats and comments:
in the training level when you come up to the first red targets get to the top stair and hyper jump when you see the gun timedistort and land on the platform the gun is a flak cannon
Posted by: billy

when you come up to the first red targets hyperjump and you will see a green looking im not sure what it is because i havent got it
Posted by: billy

I can't figure out how to add a cheat, so I will just put it here: How to get free Machine Gun Ammo: When an enemy is almost dead, hyperjump and kill it while you are in the air, some people do it with grenades, but it works with any weapon. If you want to, you can try it on the little critters that walk around on the ground in lower levels. You only get 25 Ammo instead of the whole 100 you would if you picked up a clip, though.
Posted by: KrymsonKyng

Nice, for an extra challenge, try starting out on the last level and seeing how long you can live, personally, I start out at the beginning of the last area, and hoard all the ammo the best I can. Another tip: Flamethrower rocks. It takes out those bomb helis so fast, its insane, and once you start using it, they start dropping more for soem reason.
Posted by: ?

Pick Players/Cheats from the menu and type the following cheat codes in:
John Rambo   Unlocks Bow and arrow.
Old Faithful   Unlocks Chain gun
Its a Jackal   Unlocks Sniper rifle
This is my boomstick   Unlocks Double shotgun
Shrapnel   Unlocks Flak Cannon
Follow the leader   Unlocks Guided launcher
Moonshine   Unlocks Drunken launcher
Gloop   Unlocks Goo gun
9 Volt   Unlocks Spark Plug
Australians all let us rejoice   Unlocks Bladerang
Alpha   Unlocks Laser rifle
Beta   Unlocks Auto laser rifle
Gamma   Unlocks Laser shotgun
I dont have time to bleed   Unlocks Anytime
Call in artillery   Unlocks Airstrike
Missile launch detected   Unlocks A-Bomb Launcher
Bass in your face   Unlocks Soundwaave
Wash away the rain   Unlocks Black Hole Generator
Ive got jungle fever, shes got jungle fever   Unlocks Amazon Jungle
Aint no mountain high enough   Unlocks Canyon Lands
Who rides the wrecking ball   Unlocks Zones 4 and 5
up up down down left right left right b a select start   Unlocks All weapons
iopred   Programmer message
DayDream   Programmer message

Posted by: and a BIG thanks to bob jeff

On the training level, if you go through about half of the level, there is a wall that has a crack in it. Fire at it, and if you keep going left, you will get a "Chaingun" for the training level.
Posted by: gmon93

Pick Players/Cheats from the menu. Where it says "enter cheat code:" type in the following phrase:
You are the moon master
This will unlock all levels (Gorgatron repellant)
Posted by: anon

Unlock All Weapons. Go to player/cheats type up up down down left right left right b a select start. it should say all weapons unlocked

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