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Joke of the Day:

You're getting old when you enjoy remembering things more than doing them.

Wise Saying of the Day:

Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool bent on folly.

Riddle of the Day:

What does man love more than life Fear more than death or mortal strife What the poor have, the rich require, and what contented men desire, What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves And all men carry to their graves?

Tongue Twister of the Day:

We know its unorthodox, but we really love our lox, And better still we love to box, and gift-wrap too. Woodbox and workbox and toolbox and tinderbox Bobby Fox collects socks, so why don't you?

Pun of the Day:

I had an account with a bank at the North Pole, but they froze all my assets.

Siglet of the Moment:

Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.
Author: John F. Kennedy

Cartoon of the Day:

Cartoon of the Day

Andertoons Cartoon of the Day:

Andertoons Cartoon of the Day

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