The Invincible Eagle (Sousa's Band)

Composer: John Philip Sousa
Date Of Composition: 1901
Performed by: U.S. Army Concert Band
Key: D major/G major
Piece Style: Romantic

The Invincible Eagle, composed by John Philip Sousa, was dedicated to the Pan-American Buffalo Exposition in 1901.

John Philip Sousa himself thought that the "Invincible Eagle" would turn out to be more popular than "Stars & Stripes Forever" and it remained one of his favorite marches. It was dedicated to the Pan-American Buffalo Exposition. This edition includes extensive program and rehearsal notes to help ensure authentic performances true to the style of the period. A truly great march that belongs in every band library!

The Invincible Eagle (Sousa's Band)

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The Invincible Eagle

Credit for some: Library of Congress, Music Division.