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56% off Dental Services Three Teeth Whitening Sessions from Pearly Whites Express including Enrollment Fee Now $24 ($54 value)
Pearly Whites Express
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$54 56% $30

Pearly Whites Express
354 North Broadway
Salem, 03079
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The Offer:
$24 ($54 value) Three Teeth Whitening Sessions and includes Enrollment Fee Keep your teeth sparkling everyday with our all new maintenance program. Just one visit for 20-minutes each month is all that it takes. Try our Maintenance Pro which includes 3 sessions for only $24. This deal waives a $24 enrollment fee, plus saves you $6 per session. No appointment needed either, just print the voucher and walk-in during normal business hours. Pearly Whites Express Maintenance Pro is designed to keep your teeth whiter and since its an express service, you'll be done and back to your life in just 20 minutes.

Restrictions: Limit 1 per person Limit 1 as a gift Voucher expires 6 months from date of purchase Walk-ins welcome Offer includes $24 enrollment fee and three months of teeth whitening ($10/month for 20 minute express teeth whitening session) We will waive the enrollment fee of $24 plus add an additional 10 minutes to the clients first session; 20 minutes to 30 minutes The client will also receive 2 additional sessions at 20 minutes each Session one - 30 minutes (month 1) Session two - 20 minutes (month 2) Session three - 20 minutes (month 3) After 3rd visit client will have option to renew at just $10 monthly receiving one 20-minute session every month There will be no contract or obligation and client may cancel at anytime

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